I may not send out cards on time, but at least I don't steal money!

So. End of semester and Christmas 2012, here we go.

Actually, I first want to thank everyone who sent me cards this year! I am HORRIBLE and have not yet sent mine out...I know. The envelopes are all addressed and everything, but when I get to writing the actual card part I feel like I need to write everyone a long, meaningful message which is ridic because it's just a little Happy Holidays thing. That's me, though. I promise I'm working on it! Anyway, thanks to tabular_rasa, vivaciousmuse, skindyedindigo, californiaway, sanalith, mafiaprincess, tsukkomi_boke, capeofstorm, la_loony and koyaaniisqatsi!

I somehow managed to finish the rest of my papers on time, and in retrospect they came out pretty well! But they were the kind of papers that once I was done with them, I never wanted to look at them again. I thought, at the time, they were total crap. But I just read through my Intro paper for the first time since submitting it because my professor sent it back with the grade and her comments, and actually I really do feel like it was worth the 95 I received. I know now that I have an A in Introduction to Linguistics, and an A in Phonetics & Phonology as well. Unless my paper was horrible (which it isn't), Sociolinguistics should go the same way!

I will say that writing the Intro paper was a wild ride. I had saved that one for last because it was the "easiest". By that I mean it was the most like other research papers I've written for undergrad, so I felt pretty confident in my ability to punch that one out and get a fairly decent end result. I was right! I gave myself a total of 3 days to get 'er done, and it worked out just fine. I even ended up writing the bulk of it in one day and was so energized I pulled an almost all-nighter, which I pretty much never do. I volunteered myself to give Christine a ride to the train station at 4:30 AM so it just kind of worked for me to stay up anyway. But then it transpired that Dave was at the library overnight, and I ended up meeting him there to work on stuff, and you know, get some hang out time mixed in. Everyone keeps saying I'm not pathetic, but I think I am.

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TL;DR I still like him but don't want to because it makes me feel pitiful. Anyway, I managed to stay up until 6 AM, slept through my alarm till exactly 9 AM when Phonetics starts. Got to class at 9:12 like a BAMF. I don't even know how I did that. Learned I got an A+ on the final. After class I went home, took a less than two hour nap, and had my Intro final. Got a 94! Kim was moving out after class so I hit the library with Katrina in hopes of avoiding her. Got another page done on my paper even though I was delirious at that point. Lots of giggling and looking at memes ensued. Finally went home and passed out between 8 and 9 PM in my room, alone.

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Christmas this year was small, but nice. My family even neglected to get a tree, oops. The two family parties I attended were ok, but I especially enjoyed the one on Christmas Eve. My cousin just got engaged and her fiance was there so I met him for the first time. And I really like the guy, so I'm happy for her! They're having the wedding in Ireland, I can't wait for that (granted I'm allowed back in the country after my little altercation two years ago, lol). Everyone was so calm and less obnoxious than normal too, making the atmosphere more rejuvenating than exhausting for once! That's what the holidays should be like.

I feel weird when people ask me what I got for Christmas because they were all small gifts, and more so personal ones from my Amazon wish list that aren't really in high demand, like say the iPad that everyone apparently wanted this year. I got a few Harry Potter related things I'd been wanting for awhile, such as the Ultimate Edition of Philosopher's Stone on DVD and the huge Page to Screen book that weighs at least 10 pounds. My favorite gifts were the speakers for my MacBook. Now I can watch movies/listen to music with better sound quality! So yeah, pretty simple and non-trendy presents for me this year, but I'm pleased with everything I got.

That pretty much consists of my break so far! Canada on Friday!!!!
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Friends Cut

I've just done a Friends Cut with people I haven't been connecting with much. I admit I am at fault as well as there were some journals on my FL I simply couldn't relate to and I would rather write (as well as receive) meaningful comments than superficial ones. Other journals stopped updating altogether. Yet others updated but we barely ever had any interactions. Nothing is meant personally whatsoever, I just didn't feel a click happening if you were removed.

Friends Cut

I just did a Friends Cut. Felt it was necessary because I had a lot of abandoned journals added and some people who I've never really interacted with on here.
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Friends Cut #2

I've done a Friends Cut. Please remove me if I have removed you. I deleted people who I haven't made a connection with or never see update. Also, take this as an opportunity to remove me as well if you want to. I know I haven't been the best with commenting and whatnot but I'm trying!
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Friends Cut #1

I did a very small FRIENDS CUT, the first for this journal. Please check if I have removed you and do the same.

I don't mean any offense by this but sometimes my FL is too big and while I like meeting new people I want to maintain a good friendship with certain others. So if I have removed you, it's because I can't relate to your journal and/or we never comment or interact with one another. Thanks for understanding and I wish everyone the best.